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Yoga for the Recovery of Childhood Trauma


Image of Yoga for the Recovery of Childhood Trauma

A course supporting adults with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

This specialised yoga program course is an evidence based nine week course utilising Kundalini Yoga for people who have experienced stress or trauma in their younger years.
Research shows that the body stores trauma in the muscle tissue and the brain. The effects of stored trauma can include fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia and a compromised immune system. Stored trauma can also lead to negative self-defeating behaviour patterns, substance abuse and addiction.

These classes are a combination of physical and mental exercises, breath work and meditations that are specifically designed to target the effects of stored trauma in the body, supporting recovery and reconnection to self and the renewal of inner strength.

April 16 - June 11

Venue: Evans Hall, Upper Hall.
46 Warncliffe Road, East Ivanhoe 3079.

No prior yoga experience needed.
This course will run with a minimum
of 5 people.